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It’s my most profound belief that your body has an innate intelligence that will enable you to prosper and thrive when given the correct provisions.

Katie Marie

My Promise

I am empowering you to forge the most vital connection with your body, mind, and health, where you can live with, but, are not dictated to by modern societal norms.

“The right support, small steps, and sustainable changes are the foundation for success toward your wellness goals.”

Katie Marie

I’m committed to helping you transform your health, wellbeing and entire life by setting realistic expectations, complimented by a common-sense, no diet approach. This vitalistic style will help you feel and see the results, change can bring about big emotions and be scary, but it can also be beautiful and courageous.

Working With Me

I believe that with the proper guidance, support, and care, you can discover what it means to truly thrive and find joy, connection, and comfort within your body.

Functional Nutrition is the cornerstone of good health. It is underpinned by a whole person approach, giving merit to everything working in synergy. I offer one-on-one consulting, workshops, and programs to families and individuals who want to improve their health and nutrition goals and help their bodies thrive. With a strong focus on gut health, underpinned by the philosophy of vitalism and respecting the body’s innate intelligence. 

My Story


After 15 years working in the corporate space, I took time out to start a family. Like many women venturing into motherhood, it changes your world and priorities, and it begs you to ask the big questions about what is essential and understand life and time are precious. I wanted purpose, a new challenge, and the deepest desire to grow. My passion and curiosity about health, nutrition, and caring for people aligned perfectly with my core values. 

Hi, I’m


The reflection in the mirror;  

Perth-based, Functional Nutrition & GAPS Practitioner specialising in Microbiome & Gut health.

Loving wife to Jamie, the teenage boy I party pashed decades ago and later married, he is my best friend, and his love and support know no bounds.

Proudest Boy Mumma of Tommy Bug. He is exquisite, clever, funny, soft natured yet incredibly strong, articulate, and honestly the brightest spark in my world. He is a gift I longed for. I will forever cherish this cheeky little legend.

Food is my love language, cooking is my passion, and the kitchen is my safe space.

I have the deepest love for travel, new places, people & culture.

I’m organised and social but also solitary, often sensitive, and some might say moody. Self-professed dork, chatty Kathy, always aiming to please.

I will, on occasion, stumble & falter, but my intentions are always honest.

What my family and friends would have you believe, the good things, their words, not mine. Katie is kind, compassionate, friendly & respectful with a side of dorky, she is determined, and sassy.

Why should we work together? I passionately believe that everyone deserves to experience how wonderful the human body is designed to feel. If you are willing and committed to shifting your mindset and habits and creating a real sense of connection with your body, let’s do the work, join forces, and create a foundation to thrive.

Truly, I know you deserve it.