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Come with ME on this journey, YOU are worth it!

Katie Marie

I’m devoted to supporting you in establishing the most sacred connection with your body, intuition, and deepest self through a vitalistic approach tailored to your individual body & life. I believe that with the proper guidance, support, and care, you can discover what it means to truly thrive and find joy, connection, and comfort within your body.

“We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are”

– Max Depree

Free 15-minute Health & Nutrition Discovery Call video/phone

Please note that; a discovery call is not a consultation; no health advice will be provided without an initial consultation.  


My initial and follow up offerings

Initial Health & Nutrition Consultation

In person/video 1 on 1 (90m)

An initial in-depth consultation establishes the foundation of this health transformation. It allows us to take your detailed health history & current symptoms. Investigate a little deeper and, if required, obtain further testing. We will create a specific health and nutrition program designed precisely for your individual needs and health goals. Let the change begin. 


Follow up Health & Nutrition Consultation

In person/video 1 on 1 (60m) 

This consultation will allow us to follow up on any investigations or testing commenced at an initial consultation. Review interim health status, review specific health and nutrition program, make necessary adjustments and begin new goals. This follow-up consultation allows more time than is often required at a second appointment.  


Follow up Health & Nutrition Consultation

In person/ video 1 on 1 (45m)

This consultation sets the pace for the ongoing nature of this program. It allows us to work through this program more effectively. We will continue to review, reassess, amend and implement new goals to bring you closer to your health and nutrition objectives. This follow-up consultation is shorter in format and slips seamlessly into this phase of your transformation. You are always welcome to book a longer follow-up consultation if you feel it’s necessary.            





valued at $649

Tailored Health & Nutrition Program

(via video)

This program includes the foundations for your health and nutrition transformation. Consultations are bundled together with additional online support for 12 weeks and free resources. This format ensures you have the proper support and resources to achieve your health and nutrition goals. 

Program includes;


(Save $200)


Health & Nutrition Workshops (90 mins)

Delivered in group setting 12 minimum


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